Important information for your application (read carefully)

We recommend paying attention when filling out the registration form, especially the “e-mail”, in order to avoid further problems related to the issuance of the attendance certificates, and access to activities.

The registration will be carried out through the Sympla platform. After registration, a confirmation email will be sent. And then the link to access the activities.

Registration fees must be paid according to the table below.

GroupTicket fees Until
July 15, 2021
Ticket fees From
Jul 16th to Aug 11th, 2021
R$ 80,00R$ 100,00
R$ 120,00R$ 140,00
Professional R$ 220,00R$ 240,00

10% more for the Sympla administrative fee

We inform that applicants who do not have their work accepted will be able to use their registration as a participant or request a refund of the ticket price.

All activities will be remote (synchronous) from the 11th to 14th, August 2021.

Attendance certificates will be issued to participants who attend, at least, 75% of the event.

We emphasize that to participate and present works, participants must have access to the internet and equipment (computer, tablet or smartphone), so the organization is not responsible for the quality of the internet and equipment.

Participants will give SIAP organizers the right to use their images, obtained from photographs and / or videos taken during and after the symposium.

These images may be presented, at any time, in promotional material on social networks, websites, social media and other channels of promotion of the institution promoting the event.

Days to the event